Appetizer Mushrooms Mushrooms

Appetizer Mushrooms Mushrooms


Egg paint

  1. brewed strong black tea to taste

Ingredients :

  1. 5 egg chicken eggs


  1. processed cheese 1 pc
  2. mayonnaise 2 tsp
  3. garlic to taste
  4. 5 yolks
  • Main Ingredients Eggs
  • Serving 5 servings


bowl, teaspoon, saucepan, garlic, knife, cutting board


How to cook stuffed eggs in the form of mushrooms :.

Brew strong black tea and let it brew, after having covered it with a lid. Remove the protective film from the peeled eggs if it remains on the eggs. After cleaning, rinse the eggs under water to wash off the remaining small shells. Now cut the dull side from the eggs. Remove from all the halves of the eggs, the yolk. Mash them into a paste with a fork or whatever is convenient for you. Add the garlic through the press to the yolks. Pass the brewed tea through a strainer if you were brewing loose tea, rather than bags. Dip the dull part of the egg in the tea leaves and let it stain for 30 minutes or boil them in the tea leaves for 10 minutes. I personally did not boil The infusion time indicated approximately. My eggs insisted while I was preparing the filling for them. Rub the melted cheese on a fine grater. If it is very soft and does not want to be rubbed, put it for 5 minutes in the freezer. Salt to taste. Mix processed cheese and yolks. Add mayonnaise (I have homemade, home-made) to the mass and mix everything until smooth. While the filling was preparing, the mushroom caps were painted. We start all the halves of the eggs and cover the legs of the mushrooms with hats. The appetizer is ready. Enjoy your meal!