5 quick snacks from a loaf

5 quick snacks from a loaf


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1) Pizza in a loaf - almost everyone loves pizza, and if it is also prepared so simply, then it's generally super. The loaf is obtained with a very crispy crust, and the ingredients for the filling can be changed as you wish.

2) Sloths are a great snack option if you are fed up with ordinary croutons. They are prepared quickly, but they are tasty and unusual.

3) A snack from the loaf is a great option if you need to take along on the road. It is prepared in portions. If desired, something else can be added to the available ingredients.

4) Croutons with seasonings - often crackers are needed for the preparation of various salads. Also can be used for soup, borsch. Beer will be very welcome or watching an interesting movie.

5) Stuffed loaf - from a regular loaf, even yesterday, you can make a crispy stuffed loaf with garlic. If you do not like garlic, you can do without it.