Breaded potatoes

Breaded potatoes

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  1. Young potatoes 8-10 pcs.
  2. Herbal salt 1 tbsp


  1. Breadcrumbs 2-3 tbsp
  2. Salt 1 tsp
  3. Dried marjoram 1 tsp
  4. Dried thyme 1 tsp
  5. Ground sweet paprika 1 tsp
  6. Curry 1 tsp
  7. Vegetable oil a few tablespoons
  • Main Ingredients Potato


plate, spoon, pan, brush, parchment, baking tray


Step 1: boil the potatoes.

Rinse the potatoes with a brush to remove thick pieces of peel and ground with sand. Pour potatoes with water, add grass salt, bring to a boil and cook 10-15 minutes. The potato should become soft, but in no case do not boil.

Step 2: prepare the breading.

Mix spices for breading (dry only) in a bowl.

Pour oil separately.

Step 3: breaded potatoes.

After cooking, dip the potatoes in oil.

And then roll in breading.

Step 4: bake breaded young potatoes.

Put the potatoes on parchment.

Bake with 210 degrees during 10 minutes, then pour the potatoes with oil on top and bake more 10 minutes. At the very end, you can turn on the grill function to get a beautiful crust.

Step 5: serve the breaded potatoes.

Serve hot potatoes baked in breadcrumbs. This is a great side dish, especially in addition to meat and framed by greens.
Enjoy your meal!