Delicious & nutritious Easter meals

Delicious & nutritious Easter meals

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As Easter signals the start of spring, it’s the perfect time to start switching to healthier, lighter and fresher meals.

With that in mind, we’ve pulled together eight nutritious twists on the classics to inspire you.

Marinated chunks of lamb, sweet red peppers and bay, piled onto skewers and grilled until charred, this is a great recipe for sharing. Mix up the veggies if you like, swapping in wedges of red onion, broccoli florets or chunks of aubergine.

Embrace spring with this Mediterranean-style roast. Once the chicken is cooked, remove it to a board to rest, then top up the roasting tray with hot water, scraping up all that lovely sticky goodness. Stir in paprika and roasted red peppers, then use it to cook the couscous – you’ll end up with the most flavour-packed results. Delicious and good for you, too!

This beautiful recipe from the Chiappa sisters is a great one for using up your Sunday roast chicken. Boil the carcass to make stock, then shred in leftover meat, add lovely fresh veg and finish with plenty of chopped herbs for a nutritious and invigorating meal.

This recipe will give you a super clean-tasting fish and a juicy, chunky sauce, with the added benefit of all the natural fish juices and olive oil. Serve the whole tray at the table with a big bowl of new potatoes, a mixed salad and some crisp white wine – your guests will love you for it.

This is a brilliant one-tray dinner. Roasted fennel and potatoes are a magic combination, as are the fresh herbs and salmon. Scoring and stuffing the salmon is a great little trick you can use on any type of fish.

Ditch the chocolate eggs and embrace the more nutritious kind instead. With homemade salad cream, lots of crunchy, fresh leaves and lovely, salty anchovies, this is an egg salad of epic proportions.

Fresh, zingy and exciting, this Mexican-style salad is healthy, filling and a great side for grilled meats or fish.

Crab has a delicate flavour, so pairing it with flavours like fennel, chilli, extra virgin olive oil and lemon juice really help to make this dish an absolute winner.

For more healthy springtime recipes, tips and tricks, check out our Healthier, Happier You hub.

My Favorite Easter Dinner Ideas (that aren't ham)​

Date Night Prime Rib for 2

This recipe makes a delicious Easter Dinner for 2, but can be scaled up to larger roasts to feed a bigger crowd—especially if you serve it with a selection of side dishes (below, pictured here with Skin-On Mashed Potatoes with Horseradish).

Roast Beef Tenderloin with Peppercorn Sauce

This easy Beef tenderloin recipeis in tight competition with the prime rib roast I just showed you.

The presentation of a whole beef tenderloin roast is impressive. That's second only to how great it tastes, particularly paired with the creamy, delectable green peppercorn sauce.

​One-Pot Cornish Game Hens with Mushroom Barley Pilaf

Luscious, herb-roasted Cornish Game Hens, cooked in the same pot with a delicious, double-mushroom barley pilaf.

This dish is easily scalable from 2 diner to 6. This dish makes for an impressive presentation right in the pan! What's not to love?

Roast Leg of Lamb

Roast lamb is an extremely common Easter dinner entree in the UK—in fact, the Brits almost need a roundup like this one, but named "Easter Dinner Ideas that aren't LAMB."

The same is not true here in the U.S.

This roast leg of lamb is an incredibly easy, yet impressive and delicious choice for your Easter dinner.

A bone-in leg, like what I have in the image above, makes for a fantastic presentation at the table, but you can use a boneless lamb leg instead.

Roast Rack of Lamb-Potato Traybake

This basic recipe makes a super-easy, delicious Easter meal for 2. However, this is easily scalable to as many as 8.

The fact that the side dish bakes right in the same tray as the lamb means that not only are the potatoes infused with juices from the lamb, but cleanup is also a breeze.

One-Pan Meyer Lemon Chicken

This is a Frank family favorite for special-occasion dinners.

The fact that it's cooked in one pan makes cleanup a cinch.

It's also very impressive if you bring the pan to the table for serving.

This dish has citrus notes and wonderful, savory flavors.

Herb-Roasted Rack of Pork

This is an easy, nearly foolproof main dish.

It turns out reliably juicy and delicious.

The roast is cut into gigantic chops that are more than enough for one person (I usually eat half of one).

Herb-Roasted Duck

Perfumed with herbs from the inside and finished with a tangy sauce.

Perfect for feeding a small gathering.

Ultimate Classic Roast Turkey

This turkey recipe turns out perfectly juicy every time thanks to a wine-and-butter-soaked cheesecloth that keeps the turkey from drying during the roasting time.

An absolute must for Thanksgiving. but we eat it for Easter and "half-Thanksgiving" too.

60 Best Easter Dinner Ideas and Easy Recipes for Your Holiday Feast

The long, cold days of winter are finally coming to an end, and we&rsquore ready to celebrate spring! Easter is the perfect holiday for embracing the change of seasons. It&rsquos all about getting outside, dying eggs, and other memorable Easter activities. Not to mention, creating a seasonal, delicious Easter dinner menu to share with family and friends. While some families prefer to sit down to Easter brunch, others will opt for Easter dinner&mdashheck, some will just eat all day long. No matter what your strategy is for Easter this year, you can be sure that eating will likely be involved. Don&rsquot be stuck without a plan for your Easter meal. Make your holiday celebration one to remember with these best Easter dinner ideas.

Whether you&rsquore looking for impressive Easter appetizers, showstopping main courses, or Easter sides, this collection of Easter dinner recipes will have you covered. Ahead, find traditional dishes like glazed ham, deviled eggs, and creamy potatoes&mdashall of which hold a special place in the Drummond family&rsquos hearts. But we&rsquore also making room for some innovative recipes and soon-to-be new family favorites, like lamb chops and baked salmon. To balance out the hearty mains, serve up some of spring&rsquos freshest produce&mdashwe&rsquore talking peas, radishes, asparagus, and mint. No matter which menu you choose, your Easter dinner will be something to celebrate. Before the day is through, make room for dessert. There are tons of Easter cupcake ideas and Easter cookie recipes that might just steal the spotlight.

30 Best Healthy Dinner Ideas Your Family Will Eat Right Up

You won't hear any complaints about these flavorful recipes.

Looking for something a little lighter this week that your family will actually enjoy ? You know, healthy dinner ideas that don't look and taste like, uh. cardboard?

Look no further. The nutritious dinner ideas you'll find here are still every bit as satisfying and delicious as the more indulgent recipes you know and love&mdashthey're just tweaked a bit to ensure you and your family are getting the fuel needed to power through the week ahead. These ideas really run the gamut (easy fish dishes! Slow cooker chicken recipes! Grain bowls! Spinach salads!) but each and every recipe has one thing in common: guilt-free tastiness. They also come together quickly&mdashsome being 30 minute meals.

Try a broiled ginger shrimp salad that'll put your go-to salad recipe to shame, a quinoa recipe involving acorn squash dish that's filling enough to operate as a main course, or a spicy jalapeño cilantro cauliflower rice that'll have your whole family asking for seconds. Speaking of cauliflower recipes, Ree Drummond's cauliflower stir-fry is not to be missed. A touch of lime juice gives it just the right amount of acidity.

The key to putting together an unforgettable Easter meal is to select smart recipes that look and taste impressive but actually don't require that much time or effort to make. These quick and easy Easter side dishes, main courses, and desserts celebrate the tastiest spring produce and festive Easter proteins like eggs and lamb. Whether you are hosting a smaller gathering or feeding your usual crowd, choose recipes that simplify prep and day-of cooking. This translates into more time spent with family, which is really what the holidays are all about. Less time cooking also means minimal time cleaning, so you can relax more.

Here, we've rounded up some of our favorite crowd-pleasing quick and easy Easter recipes, starting with the make-ahead Strawberry-Rhubarb Crisp that's pictured here. If a seasonal dessert is what you're after, you can't go wrong with this one. For a holiday starter, we think our delightful eggs made of goat cheese are just the thing. They are as beautiful to look at as they are to eat when they've been upgraded with a pastel sprinkle of purple chive blossoms and pink peppercorns. Easter mains that will serve your whole family and cook fast are the way to go&mdashwe like grilling a boneless leg of lamb since one will easily serve at least 10 people and cooks to perfect medium-rare in just 16 minutes. Another main we love for this holiday is a whole side of salmon, which roasts in just 10 minutes. You could also whip up a vegetarian pea and egg noodle pasta as the entrée, which is almost just as quick.

For sides, serve something unexpected like a warm lettuce salad with peas or roasted radishes. As for other dessert options, go ahead and put together a seasonal berry and apricot crumble or dip chocolate-covered strawberries in advance. All you have to do is take them out of the fridge at the end of the meal.

Browse our quick and easy Easter recipes and then mix and match them to create the perfect meal for your Easter celebration.

Sheet Pan Easter Dinner

Easter 2020 will be like no other. A lot of us are apart from our families in self-isolation and cannot travel to see our loved ones right now. But thanks to technology and the beloved Internet, we can still have a virtual Easter Sunday, brunching together through a ZOOM meeting.

So that’s where these sheet pans enter. Please say hello to an Easter brunch feast ON TWO SHEET PANS.

That’s right. Two sheet pans. 1 hour. And all the Easter goodies: pineapple ham, Parmesan scalloped potatoes, lemon-garlicky asparagus, honey roasted carrots, and of course, fluffy mile-high biscuits.

Yes, yes, and yes. It serves four so it doesn’t make too much food but just enough to give you some fantastic leftovers for Monday. So quarantine or not, Easter feasting doesn’t look so bad after all, right?

That&rsquos a Wrap: Easter Recipes!

And there you have it, a tasty (and cute) collection of my favorite Wow-Worthy Easter Recipes. I hope you give one of these recipes a try this Easter!

Enjoy all of the deliciousness!



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Vegan Minestrone Soup with Potatoes and Kale

Mushrooms, garlic, and onion give this satisfying soup a rich, flavorful base, while fork-tender potato, earthy kale, and starchy white beans add a luscious variety of texture and flavor.

View Recipe

Vegan Easter Appetizer Ideas

Let&rsquos see how you can start off your vegan Easter dinner menu! The following appetizers can also be served as snacks or quick lunches. They are also wonderful party food ideas! Find spring soups, Easter salads, dips and more below.

Green Spring Salad

If this gorgeous plate doesn&rsquot scream &ldquospring&rdquo, I don&rsquot know what does! New potatoes, peas, charred asparagus and mint are the stars of this humble vegan salad that you can serve with a simple mustard vinaigrette and top with toasted almonds for an extra special crunch.

Creamy Avocado & Edamame Hummus

What would a proper vegan appetizer spread be without some hummus? This creamy and spring-appropriate green dip is made in under 10 minutes, low carb, gluten-free and really flavorful. It&rsquoll keep in the fridge for 5 days and can therefore be made in advance and in larger batches!

Lemon & Herb Roasted Radishes

Have you ever roasted radishes? Yeah, me neither. But don&rsquot these just look so pretty and tasty? While raw radishes have a sharp, peppery taste and a crispy and crunchy texture, roasting them makes the radishes taste milder, juicier, and brings out their natural sweetness. Their vibrant pink hue makes them a perfect and pretty addition to any Easter table.

Chilled Cucumber Avocado Soup

This chilled vegan soup is great for spring and summer! Featuring fresh produce such as cucumber, avocado, parsley and a few other herbs, it&rsquos vibrantly green and really creamy. Made in a high-speed blender in under 10 minutes, you can top this chilled soup with cherry tomatoes, microgreens, seeds and some vegan yogurt.

Vegan Deviled Potato Bites

One more eggy vegan recipe because hey, it&rsquos Easter! These budget-friendly and easy deviled potato &ldquoegg&rdquo bites are a great appetizer or snack. Using chickpeas, tahini, and turmeric as a filling, it&rsquos not only creamy and delicious but offers a lot of protein and some healthy fats. Definitely try them!

Sugar Snap Pea Salad

Featuring my favorite crunchy legume, this fresh sugar snap pea salad is a delicious addition to any spring or summer gathering. Make it in advance, bring it with you if you&rsquore not the host, and have everyone take a bite of the zingy lemon, mustard and garlic vinaigrette! Don&rsquot skip the fresh dill &ndash it&rsquos what makes this recipe so special.

Beet & Lentil Cakes

Don&rsquot these little cakes look so beautiful and tasty? Protein-packed with green lentils and pumpkin seeds, the oats make them very chewy and delicious &mdash and each one is only 100 calories! Created by a Registered Dietitian, you can be sure that this recipe really has your nutritional needs covered! Serve with a dollop of vegan yogurt.

Spring Greens Soup with Parsnip Fries

How about a healthy and seasonal addition to your Easter dinner menu? This spring greens soup is bursting with antioxidants and essential nutrients while still offering a creamy texture thanks to the coconut milk. With some parsnip fries on the side, it&rsquos definitely something different &ndash and who doesn&rsquot love vibrantly green food during spring?

Vegan Basil Ricotta Pinwheels

Kids and adults alike really dig this colorful finger food! This easy and tasty crowd-pleaser can be prepared within 15 minutes, so you&rsquoll have less stress if you run out of time right before your family gathering. They are perfect for get-togethers and to bring to a party! These pinwheels are creamy, easy to customize and irresistible.

21. Slow Cooker Pot Roast

“Husband says this is the best pot roast he’s ever had!” one reader wrote. This takes a good eight hours to cook, but the prep is minimal and the lengthy braise is done in a slow cooker, so you can leave the house to enjoy the warmer weather. When you return, sun-kissed and windblown, dinner will be ready.

Get more recommendations in our collection of Easy Easter Dinner Recipes and Easter Recipes.